Friday, July 1, 2011

To my readers, an apology, shameless self promotion, and future books.

OK I originally planned to have “Shadow Spies” ready to publish by June 30 of this year, but illness and other distractions delayed my plans. “Shadow Spies” is much more action/suspense oriented with a little romance thrown in and I've introduced a new character I think you'll like. If anyone is interested, I could use some beta readers. Go to my Facebook page and send me a PM, or leave a comment here.
I apologize, but I caught a staph infection in my right arm and damn near wound up in the hospital. (Came close to losing the arm from amputation.)
Let that be a lesson. Never let any wound go untreated, no matter how small. (It was a minor scrape.) Anyway I couldn't type for nearly three weeks. At this point I hope to publish the book by August.
My current new release, “Sail Beyond Tomorrow”, is in editing, with a release date of July 30. The book is a paranormal romance novel set in San Diego. It involves the Mayan Cycle and the supposed apocalypse next year.
I don't know how often I'll do this because it's expensive. I have one of two choices. Either try my damnedest to make the work as error free as possible, or pay an editor to help. Since I feel strongly about the new novel, I decided on the latter, however It will be for sale (to recover the costs) and will be on all the sites, including Amazon.
Before long, I will remove “The Reality Plague” from publication. It's set to undergo a major revision, nearly doubling the length and making it the book I wanted in the first place. I had to truncate the book because I'd intended to submit it to a publisher and the length exceeded the limits set by the site. I've since learned that I have no desire to jump those hoops anymore and want to be my own publisher. I also plan to change the cover.

I takes anywhere from six months to a year for me to write a book. Based on that schedule, look for “Shadow Twins” next year and “Shadow Reflections” the following year. Maybe with experience I can get faster, but don't hold your breath. The outlines are written for both books, but I have a tendency of straying from outlines. The books are as likely to be a surprise to me as to you.
I also have two more novels in outline form but they are waiting until I feel I'm ready and I can do justice to them. They will be special.

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  1. I would love to be a beta reader gor shadow spies. I cant wait to read the ehole series and will pay for noth.